Into the Forest

It’s amazing what my camera can do?  Right?  I hear it all the time.  But seriously.  For this session, it’s the creamy dreamy-ness of this lens.  It can turn your backyard into a forest.  Right, Alexa?  I’ve been photographing this family since before the littlest girl was born (I did her newborn photos).  I even wanted to name one of my twins after the little girl (Maren) had I had a girl… but I didn’t steal her name because I had boys … but wow.  These guys have grown up + are the perfect subjects … a photographers dream.

So enter the gorgeous forest with delicious color …. AKA their back yard.  Oh, and the little guy … he’s all boy.  We had sword fights + all.  I foresee my boys in 5 years when I look at him.

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