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Avalon Family Photography

I was so sad when Google Reader was stopped. I loved it. I was able to catch up on all my favorite design, photographer and just plain fun blogs. I searched high + large for a new reader. It was either Feedly or Bloglovin’ … I know that some people love one, some love the other. But regardless, it’s fun to get all your favorites in one place. Have you added my site to either? It’s super easy … just grab my RSS feed + add it! Easy peasy!

Over the next few days, I plan to blog some sessions from the summer. My calendar is closed + I’m wrapping up my last sessions in terms of orders, editing + actual photos …

Here’s a sweet family from the mid-summer season. It was three families + grandmom + grandpop. When a group is that large, the best thing is to purchase the digital files in their entirety … why? You get all the images … no worries on choosing!

Courtney Keim | Avalon Beach Photographer |

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