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Letters to our Sons | March 2013

My sweet Asher Christmas,
You my darling boy are a mama’s boy true and true. You check on me at least 10 times a day. You pop your little head in, whisper “I love you” and are gone in a flash.

Courtney Keim | www.courtneykeim.com

It’s that sense of stability, the sense of needing, your vulnerability. I don’t think there will ever be a time I will grow tired of your need for a ‘hug and a kiss’.

I love how you adore your blankie.  You don’t care which one you grab … any swaddle we have.  But you cry for it.  Constantly.

Courtney Keim | www.courtneykeim.com

I swear I won’t tell your future wife about your obsession and mortify you at your rehearsal dinner.  Well, maybe I will.  How you need it to sleep, it gives you courage to walk in the door at school and say goodbye, how when you hurt yourself you cry for it.  I hear so often of times buddy where people have their blankies when they are adults.  And buddy, you definitely will be one.

Courtney Keim | www.courtneykeim.com

Love you,

mom xx


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