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Mexico 2012

So this is my first personal post over here – I’m slowly merging my two blogs to make it easier on everyone (well, mostly me). We went on a Disney Cruise to Mexico this past easter + it was awesome. I only scheduled ONE excursion and it was geared toward kids – the main draw…

Disney Dream 2011

Day 1 // Dinner … or Hell? First night’s dinner was eh.  The decor of the place was a 1980’s miami beach house … and this was a NEW ship.  Huh?  Disney described the enchanted garden as luxurious gardens of Versailles … I say it’s my grandma’s 1980’s beach house tacky furniture. Ever try to…

Costa Rica 2009

Our last time … to Costa Rica without Miss Lily. Ken and I decided this will be the last time we travel without our Miss Lily. We’re heading to Costa Rica without her and it was a heart-wrenching decision. It was ultimately my decision to not have her head out of the country … you…

hey. i'm courtney.

I'm a wife, a mother, a photographer, a reader, a teacher, a physicist, a mathematician, a wanna-be runner + so much more. I am wild crazy about my family and love to document every day. I run Courtney Keim Photography + Design in my spare time - which lately isn't much due to my everyday life.

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