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Key West 2015

For anyone that knows me it’s been a crazy, crazy year. We had stopped in Key West last November on the Disney Cruise (with the family) + Ken made a vow we’d return. I didn’t realize it would be sooner rather than later though. Fast forward to the end of May and the $60 tix…

Kauai 2015

Ken and I traveled to Kauai again this past December kid-less. It was a fabulous time filled with relaxation, good food + drinks and some celebrity sightings (Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Nealon …). We started our trek into Kauai traveling first class with Alaska Airlines.  Oh my.  I love them.  Their first class ends up being…

Walt Disney World – 2014

A few months ago they offered – let’s take the kids to Disney.  Do you mind?  Oh, mind you ask mom + dad.  No, not at all.  You want to take our kids to Disney for a few days?  We can have some alone time.  Sure.  Yes, why thank you.  Thank you very much. Oh…

hey. i'm courtney.

I'm a wife, a mother, a photographer, a reader, a teacher, a physicist, a mathematician, a wanna-be runner + so much more. I am wild crazy about my family and love to document every day. I run Courtney Keim Photography + Design in my spare time - which lately isn't much due to my everyday life.

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