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Lilliana’s First (Summer) Zone Cut

If you know anything about Lilliana, you know that she is the queen of 0.05 or 0.1 when it comes to cuts.  This last Junior Olympics, she qualified at the JW Summer Solstice.  She had swam the morning for her new summer club team – Deerbrook – and was exhausted that afternoon swimming.  She missed…

The top NINE

I jumped on the top nine bandwagon and the results didn’t surprise me … so many bring smiles to my eyes.

Boden the AG4 All Star

Boden finally got recognition as the AG4 All Star.  I don’t know if it is a good thing (work harder buddy) or an insult (it took you that long?) but regardless, he got it!

That Fear of Falling

Hi.  Have you met me?  The girl that is so damn afraid of heights she will crawl on all fours on a packed trail in Hawaii sobbing?  Yes.  That’s me.  But I did it.  It wasn’t a crazy trail but I realized a few things.  I need a walking stick.   It helps with the whole…

hey. i'm courtney.

I'm a wife, a mother, a photographer, a reader, a teacher, a physicist, a mathematician, a wanna-be runner + so much more. I am wild crazy about my family and love to document every day. I run Courtney Keim Photography + Design in my spare time - which lately isn't much due to my everyday life.

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