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Hello. I’m Courtney. Design

It’s funny how life turns out.  If you had asked me my senior year of college where I saw myself 15 years later, I would have told you I would be a medical physicist calibrating radiation equipment in area hospitals. I’d be living in a city apartment.  I wouldn’t own a car.  I’d walk everywhere. kids might be in my future.   I’d have a cute little dog that I’d take for walks in Rittenhouse Square.

Fast forward to now.  I’m a photographer.  I’m a designer.  The only machines I touch are my canon gear + my apple goodies.  I live in an old beach house at the shore.  I own a car. and it’s big.  I drive everywhere.  Because it’s too hard to walk with three kids in tow.  But I do have that dog.  and we do go for walks on the boardwalk not at a park.

Let’s create a kick ass site together that showcases the timeless you.