Ocean City NJ Beach Photography

Ocean City NJ Beach PhotographyOcean City NJ Beach PhotographyOcean City NJ Beach PhotographyI used to tell my self that when families come to the Jersey Shore, they wanted the typical photos of a family in whites sitting ever so perfectly on the dunes with the sun setting in the background.  Only once I grasped that not every day will be perfect sun + that you need to change up your idea of the perfect photo did my sessions take on a vision all to it’s own.

Let me get to know your family + see their true personalities shine through.  Trust that I will be able to get the photos you want while also getting random in the moment shots you did not even know I captured.

When headshots are not your forte but you think you did a kick ass job anyway … but Zoe is gorgeous to begin with + you become instant friends … it’s that photography thing. And you introduce her to your photographer BFF Sara and they become IRL BFF. Ha.